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Meld is a go-to developer of green hydrogen solutions in the United Kingdom. We have a pipeline of development projects which we will deliver alongside our partners and funders, in order to accelerate the decarbonisation of the UK, achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

The Meld Energy Green Hydrogen Hub at Saltend Chemicals Park, Hull will bring more than £180m of investment to Humber Freeport, boosting the local economy, creating jobs and reducing carbon emissions at the park by 20%.

Work on the facility will begin in 2026 with it becoming operational towards the close of 2028.

If built today, the 100MW electrolytic facility would be the largest green hydrogen production site in the country.

It will use the region’s abundant onshore and offshore renewable electricity to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen, producing 13,400 tonnes of hydrogen per year. By replacing natural gas currently used on site, the plant will reduce carbon emissions by over 120,000 tonnes each year.

During the four-year development phase, the hydrogen hub will generate an estimated 1360 employment opportunities. Once operational there will be nine full-time positions as well as additional work for the maintenance team and subcontractors.

This large-scale development will make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s green hydrogen target and to the decarbonisation of the Humber, the country’s most industrialised region.

Longer term, the aim is to at least double hydrogen production to enable further decarbonisation of the site. Not only will this protect existing jobs at Saltend Chemicals Park, it will also attract business and enable the local economy to grow without increasing carbon emissions.

Locating the facility at an existing industrial site will minimise impact on residents and the environment.

Further information can be found here.